Marine Main Switchboard

CCS, BV, ABS Class

Modular, safe, and reliable marine switchboards for power distribution & management.

Tried, tested, and trusted for performance, our low & medium voltage rated switchboards are manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility in China, using high quality switch gears and electrical components. Approved by all major classification societies for marine and offshore applications.


Main switchboards

  • Our main switchboards are adaptable to any combination of generators without any limitation.
  • Arranging generator sets for synchronising, parallel operation for the purpose of continuous load sharing and load transfer using power management system (PMS).
  • The basic function of PMS is to ensure consistency and maximum efficiency of power generation equipment, therefore we do class compliant custom programming on PMS to match customer requirements and application.
  • Providing tie-breaker between MSB and busbars.
  • Providing auto start feature of standby generator to prevent any possibility of a blackout.
  • Preferential trip system to prevent single generator overload.
  • Providing interlock such that connection of shore power to main switchboard bus line does not allow closing of any DG or EDG breaker.
  • Preventing emergency generator from running with any of the main gensets or shore power in parallel operation, continuously.
  • Custom designed enclosures, made of 14SWG sheet steel for maximum rigidity and lifespan.
  • Multi-cubicle, front and/or rear access, self-supporting, and dead-front type designs with ingress protection rating of IP23 to IP44.

Emergency switchboards

  • The emergency switchboard designed by us is made for reliable operation in the event of an emergency, and in such circumstances, it shall automatically activate as the emergency power distribution centre.
  • Emergency switchboard is made similar to the construction and operation with respect to all safety measures of main switchboard.
  • Under normal operating conditions, the emergency switchboard shall be energised from the ship’s main switchboard with the ship’s main or emergency bus-tie circuit breaker and emergency generator circuit breaker remains open.
  • On loss of ship’s service supply, the bus-tie breaker shall be tripped and emergency generator will be automatically started, which in turn allows the emergency circuit breaker automatically be closed to restore power to the emergency services.
  • Mod-bus serial link can be provided from emergency switchboard to ship’s alarm monitoring system to transfer all alarms and indications.
  • Emergency switchboard provided with necessary indications and monitoring equipment as required by Class authority.

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