About Us


Talent International Group Co.,Ltd. (below as Talent Power)sets itself apart from other Generator manufacturers and service providers by having complete dedication to customer satisfaction. We have made it our mission to ensure customer delight.

Talent Power, a leading global factory of integrated power solutions, serves its customers throughout the Southeast Asia, Russia, Middle East, Africa and South America,

We have been trusted by our clients to deliver high quality power generation solutions from the smallest standby diesel generator to the largest turnkey project.  For power solutions in challenging situations like remote tropical areas, high altitudes, at sea or at noise sensitive sites.

To do this we have remained independent of any single manufacturer.  That means we can offer the best available solution from a far wider range of possibilities.  And we have experienced professionals who can help deliver a full turnkey solution.

With over 18 years in the power generation field Talent Power has become one of the most trusted names in the power sector.